Water Tanks

Conserving water through innovation and design

GjP Solutions supplies water tanks in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours. Tanks are manufactured in Aquaplate® polymer-coated steel, which is Australia’s premier tank-making material developed by BlueScope Steel. It combines durability and strength, is lightweight and backed by a 20 year warranty from BlueScope Steel. It will not corrode or crack as a result of aging or from sunlight exposure and it is the ideal choice of tank for bushfire prone locations.

Leading Technology

Aquaplate® Steel has been developed by Bluescope Steel specifically for the water tank market. It has a food-grade polymer skin bonded to its inner surface which helps ensure your water tastes clean and fresh and free from any tainting from the tank itself. Tanks manufactured from Aquaplate® Steel are the only tanks to comply with the tough Australian Standard on the use of materials for food contact use and it is for this reason that a tank made from Aquaplate® Steel stands out from the rest.

Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks are an attractive, sleek solution to water storage needs, by providing a space saving way to maximise your rain harvesting requirements. Slimline water tanks are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be made to specific measurements. Whilst the tanks can be discretely hidden, more and more homeowners are purposely making architectural features of their tanks. The tanks must be installed on a concrete slab, or an appropriate tank stand.

Slimline tanks are most suitable:

  • Alongside an unused fence line
  • Under the eaves of the roof
  • Under the floor of a deck or verandah
  • As a carport wall
  • As a garden partition wall to conceal garden bins

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Round Tanks

The round tank is for those households that have larger spaces, have higher water storage/usage requirements and prefer the iconic water tank shape. A variety of standard tank sizes are available, with some flexibility to manufacture to specific measurements. Given the growing awareness of water conservation and efficiency and the water restrictions imposed on non-drinking usage, water tanks are seen as a household necessity and rather than being an object to hide in the garden, more and more people are displaying their tanks as an architectural feature.

The round water tanks have the following features:

  • Present a traditional rural character
  • Compliment modern, heritage and seaside architectural styles
  • Provide large capacity to maximise water holding capacity
  • Ideal for commercial sites and schools
  • Meet CFA requirements for rural building and water storage
  • Fire safe for rural and wild fire area properties ( click here to view CFA requirements)

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