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The Water Slice is an easy to use, controlled release reservoir, which will sustain plants in a healthy condition for weeks, with no need for watering.

The Water Slice is dry when purchased, but when immersed in water or liquid feed it absorbs amazing volumes of liquid, which it then stores for weeks within its unique polymer structure.

The liquid in the reservoir is made available, as required, to sustain plants at root level.

There can be no 'over' or 'under' watering just peace of mind when you are away.

Step 1

Immerse dry water slice in bowl of water or liquid feed

Step 2

Soak slices overnight

Step 3

Remove fully wetted slice

Put wetted slice/s under pot plants as shown (ensure that pot's base holes are in contact with slice) or line directly in the plant pot. The number of slices correlates to the period of watering required.

1 weeks watering = 1 slice
2 weeks watering = 2 slices
3 weeks watering = 3 slices


Water Slices:

  • Provide water for your plants while you are away
  • Saves water, time money and effort
  • Easy to use in any watering application
  • Provide a solution for watering your plants while you're on holiday
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly
  • Water slices will be topped up by a watering can or rainfall

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