Water Saving Solutions

GJP Solutions provides different solutions for water saving, from greywater recycling to products that will water your indoor plants while you are on holiday.

Garden Innovations

Watering Spikes

The bottle top watering spike with adjustable dripper becomes a fully automatic watering system when fitted onto a plastic bottle. The dripper screws onto the top of most disposable plastic drinks bottles.

The system can be used both indoors and out. When used indoors, the room temperature and conditions control the watering rate. In partial shade outdoors, a one litre bottle will only need refilling every 1½ to 3 weeks.


Water Slices

The Water Slice is an easy to use, controlled release reservoir, which will sustain plants in a healthy condition for weeks, with no need for watering.

The Water Slice is dry when purchased, but when immersed in water or liquid feed it absorbs amazing volumes of liquid, which it then stores for weeks within its unique polymer structure.

There is no 'over' or 'under' watering, just peace of mind when you are away.

Water Tanks

Aussie Icon Water Tanks

Polymer coated steel tanks that are strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. Easy to transport and install, these lightweight steel tanks are the natural choice for both city and country and the environment.

More and more homeowners and urban planning authorities are recognising the environmental importance and practical cost savings associated with water recycling. Approximately half of a households water is used for non-drinking household use, that is, watering the garden, showering, using the washing machine and flushing toilets.