Rain Bird’s new RD1800™ Series Sprays save water and perform reliably under even the toughest conditions.

Exclusive Flow-Shield™ Technology helps these sprays outlast the competition even when used with non-potable water. The RD1800 patent-pending Flow-Shield™ Technology means when a nozzle is removed, this feature reduces the amount of water flowing through the stem by up to 90 percent compared to an average spray and up to 50 percent when compared to a typical pressure-regulating spray. Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles and constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, the RD1800 can take on the toughest irrigation challenges for years to come.

Rain Bird’s Maxicom2 Central Control System Wins Smart Approved WaterMark


The Rain Bird Maxicom2 Irrigation Central Control System has long been a favourite with those responsible for the irrigation of large areas with multiple watering sites. Packed with features such as multiple scheduling, weather monitoring, automatic and manual control options, flow management and Cycle+Soak™, Maxicom2 is ideal for large commercial and industrial applications such as those managed by local councils, sporting clubs, retirement villages and park and recreation departments. Now available in version 3.5 with the additional features of Low Flow Alarm and Odd/Even Scheduling, Maxicom2 is among the world’s most sophisticated yet easy-to-operate multi-point irrigation control systems. And it’s one of the most water efficient systems too. Fulfilling every requirement of Rain Bird’s Intelligent Use Of Water™ core value, Maxicom2 makes the very best use of every drop of water available while ensuring that lawns, parks and reserves receive an adequate water supply. Little wonder then that the Rain Bird Maxicom2 Irrigation Central Control System received the prestigious Smart Approved WaterMark Award from an expert panel of judges on September 4, 2007. It is the only Central Control System that has been awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark certification in Australia. Intelligent and Smart Approved. That’s Maxicom2 from Rain Bird.